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Kapuli Business Park for Data Centers, Mäntsälä

Kapuli Business Park is just a stone’s throw away from the Mäntsälä center, and only 45 minutes from Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport by road. Our energy company, Nivos, helps you with the energy and broadband related matters. Cool climate and reusable excess heat helps in keeping the data center costs down. Excess heat from cooling is transmitted for heating houses in Mäntsälä.

Fingrid Power Transmission Grid

Kapuli IId coordinates:
60°37'52.03", 25°15'46.70"
AutoCad: X 2569331 Y 6725313

Kapuli III coordinates:
60°38'02.92", 25°17'03.76"
AutoCad: X 2570334 Y 6725495

See available plots or find out more about Kapuli:

Mr. Harri Kari, the CEO of Invest In Mäntsälä, speaks about Kapuli Business park in Mäntsälä. What kind of advantages Mäntsälä Kapuli Business park's location will offer to your company?


Energy Supply Chain

Kapuli Business Park enjoys electric power supplies of first-rate dependability, with sufficient capacity ensured through the connection of Nivos Oy (local energy company) at two key points in the Finnish national grid. This means that the Business Park can draw a guaranteed up to 250 MW of electrical power from three electricity stations through any of three power lines. In Finland, you can seek best bids for the electricity.

The 110kV Regional Grid

Mäntsälän Sähkö Oy - 110kv Regional Grid

In 2017 Nivos completed a new, third 110 kV power transmission line directly from the Hikiä generating plant to the substation at Kapuli Business Park. The new line further improves the dependability of electric power supplies to data centers in the Kapuli area. Currently Kapuli is served by three independent 110 kV power cables from three separate connection points on the national grid. The outgoing transmission line connection at Hikiä has also been duplicated to supply two separate substations. Each of the three 110 kV transmission lines is capable of supplying about 250 MW of electric power to Mäntsälä.

There is no minimum connection limit for the Nivos 110 kV regional network, so a new operating point beginning at low peak power may be connected to the regional network by bilateral agreement. This gives you flexibility in timing investments, and the freedom to develop your operations without the constraints of a connection limit.

Kapuli Business Park enjoys electric power supplies of first-rate dependability.

Water & Cooling Options

Supplier: Water company Nivos Vesi Oy.

Fresh water and sewerage on the site

  • Natural gas option on the site
  • District cooling, customized district cooling to the district heating on the site.
  • Excess heat from cooling is transmitted for heating houses in Mäntsälä.
  • Cool climate, average temperature is 4.6 °C, 17 days over 25 °C
  • Wind conditions for air-cooling solutions

Monthly temperatures in Kapuli

Average temperature (°C) of month as measured from heat plant in Kapuli industrial area. Source: Nivos Oy

Excess Heat

CDH concept for district heating

Any excess heat from operations such as cooling may be transmitted for further use. Our proposal for your cooling solution is customized district-cooling. This would lower your investment cost as well as cost of energy.

If you choose Mäntsälä to be the site for your data center we can build a facility that would produce both heat and cooling using heat pump technology.

Re-use of excess heat generated by the Yandex datacenter.
Ari Kurvi explains the excess heat collection mechanism in more detail at the CeBIT expo.

Data Connections

Kapuli Business Park enjoys fast, high capacity, assured data connections to the main Finnish Internet hub (FICIX).

There are several operators using fibre optic connections in Mäntsälä:

  • Cinia Oy
  • FNE-Finland Oy
  • Elisa Oyj
  • DNA Oy
  • TeliaSonera Finland Oyj

They all have fiber optic network in Mäntsälä and enough network capacity is available or can be built according to an order.

Cinias’s existing and planned network
Cinias’s existing and planned network
Cinia's network routes
Cinia will use either its own network or the networks of its partners to fulfill customer demands to reach required locations in Finland or in Europe. 
The Cinia C-Lion1 submarine data cable offers the shortest and fastest route to connect Central Europe with optimal data center locations in Northern Europe and business opportunities in Eastern Europe and Asia.

Network Coverage and Services in Finland

Network Coverage and Services in Finland

  • 10,000 km fiber routes
  • NGN DWDM, SDH, Ethernet
  • IP core network MPLS
  • Dedicated IP networks
  • Several co-locations
  • Gateway locations to Russia
  • Telematic systems

No Major Hazards

No natural risks

  • No floods area
  • No hurricanes, tornados
  • No volcanos
  • No earthquakes

No hazards from neighboring activities

  • Data center (Global DC)
  • Warehouses (Tokmanni)

Site Access

  • Nearest highway: E4, distance 1 km
  • Nearest community center: Mäntsälä municipality, distance 4 km
  • Major international airport: Helsinki-Vantaa, distance 52 km
  • Train connections: distance to the station 0.9 km

Acess to Kapuli sites

Location & Owner

  • Address: Moreenikatu, Mäntsälä, Finland
  • Coordinates: 60.6292833, 25.26831166
  • Owned by the Municipality of Mäntsälä.

Site and Building Quota

Site area is 3 - 30 hectares, the buildable area is 2 – 20 hectares.

Shape and topography:

  • Kapuli IIc: already leveled and ready to build. Soil condition: broken rocks.
  • Kapuli III: will be leveled beforehand. Soil condition: broken rocks, moraine.

Municipality of Mäntsälä owns approximately 100 hectares of land at the Kapuli Industrial Area.

Approximately 38 hectares of the area has been zoned so far. The rest of the area will also be zoned as an industrial and logistics area in the next few years.

In addition, there are plans for a road connecting Sälinkääntie road to Kehä V; this connection will go across the area.

The lot to be sold (unseparated parcels of land) are owned by the municipality, and the construction of buildings for industrial and logistics purposes is allowed under the current city plan, as is the case already with the headquarters and logistics center of Tokmanni retail store chain (71 700 square meters) and a private investor's hall (4000 square meters).

In practice, a water pipe and a sewer have already been constructed reaching the border of the lot, and there is also a natural gas pipeline nearby.

Moreover, district heating is available from the neighbors.

At its natural state, the lot was forested land with bedrock outcrops, the soil was levelled in 2008-2009 to the present height using soil excavated from the area.

See available plots

Planning & Permitting

Zoning and readiness for construction: Detailed city planning is in progress.

Permits: Ordinary building permits, other permits depend on the activities and are regulated by mostly environmental laws

Employment in Finland

Accident and Pension Insurance

The employer has a statutory obligation to take out accident and pension insurance for the employees; the employees are also provided with group life assurance and unemployment insurance in connection with the statutory accident insurance. The employer must arrange for statutory occupational health care.

Tax and Social Security

The employer is responsible for paying any withheld taxes and social security contributions to the tax authorities, and for submitting annual notifications to the tax authorities, and the pension and accident insurance companies, with information on the wages and salaries paid to employees.

Terms and Conditions of Employment

Working hours.

Regular working hours are usually at most 8 daily hours and 40 weekly hours. In a two week period the working hours are not more than 80 hours and in a three week period 120 hours. The weekly hours may also be arranged in longer periods during which the average weekly hours do not exceed 40 hours. Working hours may be arranged by law or collective agreements alternatively, for example in two or three week periods.


An employee has a right to receive pay also for the time he/she is on annual holiday. Normally holiday leave accumulates 2 days (when employment has lasted less than 1 year) or 2 1/2 days for each holiday credit month. Normal wages are paid for the time an employee is on holiday.

Sick pay.

According to the law, an employee who is unable to work due to an illness or an accident is entitled to paid sick leave. Wages are paid for the day when the illness started and for the working days. If the employment relationship at the start of the disability has lasted for at least one month, the employee will be paid full wages for the said period. If the employment relationship has lasted for a period shorter than one month, half of the wages will be paid for the same period.

Parental leave.

Parental leave lasts 158 working days taken during pregnancy or in the period following birth. It is extended by 60 working days per child in the case of multiple births. During the parental leave, Kela (The Social Insurance Institution of Finland) pays parental allowance. Both parents can take the parental leave in up to two separate periods of at least 12 working days each.

A typical breakdown of payments made by the employer for an employee, with a salary of EUR 3100 in 2015, EUR/month
(Source: Federation of Finnish Enterprises)
Salary 3,100.00
Earnings-related pension insurance contribution (19.00% on av. for employer) 589.00
Employers’ social insurance contribution (2.08%) 64.48
Unemployment insurance (av. 0.8% for employer) 24.80
Total employer costs 3,778.28

Data Sovereignty in Finland

States that have adopted strict legislation on data protection generally tend to be more favorable to the placement of datacenters than states without or lacking sufficient legal framework of data sovereignty.

The legislative environment of Finland is quite different even from the other Nordic countries. In Finland the right of privacy of any communication is a basic right that is inviolable and there is a strong legal protection over governmental surveillance of digital information.

The favorable legislation to store and handle information has led many data center operators to establish business in Finland. The Government of Finland still intends to hold on firmly to this leading position in the world of digitalization and framework necessary for growth of this digital industry will be sustained also in the future.

Source: Invest in Finland

Our Strengths

  • Educated labor force available.
  • Excellent commuting options
  • A single owner for energy, water and site (Municipality of Mäntsälä),
  • Experience what datacenter needs.
  • Locations near capital city Helsinki and airport.
  • With a population of over 20,000, Mäntsälä is a thriving municipality in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.
  • Mäntsälä is located at the junction of highway no. 4 and the Kehä V Helsinki ring road. In other words, it is the crossroads of the road from Hanko to Porvoo, just a VT40-kilometer drive from the Finnish capital.
  • Mäntsälä is only 40 minutes from Helsinki by Z-train and 20 minutes from Lahti.
  • The population is young, and many families with young children have made their home here. A wide range of services and leisure activities, beautiful countryside and excellent transport links attract new residents. What more could you ask?
  • The search engine company Yandex selected Mäntsälä most of all for its excellent benefits in terms of location, secure energy supply and overall energy economy.
  • We have established contacts with construction companies, employment services, security companies etc.
  • We provide you with information on how to set up and run a business in Finland, including rules and regulations, legal entities, employment matters, taxes and more.

Establishment support

  • Help businesses relocate to Mäntsälä,
  • Sell commercial plots at attractive rates
  • Keep an up-to-date register of vacant private commercial and production premises and services
  • Help businesses looking for premises.
  • We also provide advice on starting, relocating or developing commercial operations
  • Our Tips and expert advice make it easier to run a business in Mäntsälä.
  • We co-operate closely with ABB and Schneider Electrics. We also have good relations with different building companies in Finland. We can help you with recruiting and the permission questions.
  • We provide you with information on how to set up and run a business in Finland, including rules and regulations, legal entities, employment matters, taxes and more.

More Information

Ball, Comforta and Tokmanni have all already invested in Mäntsälä. See why your company should too.

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