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Laurea thesis examples from Mäntsälä

News 11/2017 – MYK, Mäntsälän Yrityskehitys – Invest in Mäntsälä

Laurea’s International advisory board (IAB) will visit Mäntsälä Finland on 6 November. The occasion's participants are IAB, Mrs. Heta Ravolainen-Rinne,  The chairperson of the government of the municipality of Mäntsälä, Mr. Harri Kari, CEO of Development Company Mäntsälä, Principal Jouni Koski from Laurea UAS.

Harri Kari, CEO of Development Company Mäntsälä starts the occasion by small introductions about Mäntsälä municipality, Development Company Mäntsälä, and shares his collaboration experiences with Laurea UAS. IAB visits also on Yandex Data Center. Where the Host

Mr. Ari Kurvi, Data Center Manager tells more about their business and business environment.

International Advisory Board (consists of nine different sector's professors of different universities) will continue working in the workshops on November 7-8.  The goals for those days are to develop Laurea at profiling, and at polishing success factors through co-creation. 


Thesis examples from Mäntsälä:

Vahla, Tuuli. 2016. Mäntsälä in mind and maybe on paper – Evaluating study of Mäntsälä themed Theses from 2005 to 2015.

The meaning of evaluation research is to evaluate or in this research to form and image of something according to set criteria, or so called qualities. In this research the object to evaluate is municipality of Mäntsälä. Criteria in the evaluation are versatility of Theses in field of studies, ordering party in development point of view, student friendliness of municipality and distribution of universities. Research material was collected during 19.2.-6.3.2016 and it consists of 79 Theses written in between 2005 to 2015. Material is collected from Theseus -webpage, Digital Repository of the University of Helsinki, Union Catalogue of Finnish libraries and TamPub Institutional repository.

Companies and other organisations located in Mäntsälä can exploit the results of this research according to their own needs. With the results the image of Mäntsälä can be developed into even better especially from those sections that were the most unilateral.

Link: http://publications.theseus.fi/browse?value=Vahla%2C+Tuuli&type=author


Nordström, Patrick. 2015.B2B-services used by small and medium sized companies in Mäntsälä

Majority of Finnish companies are small and medium sized enterprises. Because these small and medium sized companies have a significant status as employers, it is increasingly important to pay attention to these companies operating environment. These business environments are developed by municipal development companies, which aim to increase local competitiveness and to sustain it. When local companies succeed in their own business environments it secures municipal employment rate and increases welfare.

This thesis is an assignment from Municipal development company Mäntsälän Yrityskehitys Oy. The nature of this thesis is a research about business buying behaviour and the aim of this thesis is to research small and medium sized companies that operates in Mäntsälä. Main focus is to study companies to see what kind of B2B-services these companies use, and how satisfied they are with current services. In this thesis, research also focus on factors affecting business buyer behaviour. These factors have been studied by interviewing local companies in Mäntsälä. In the research it is also presented what kind of B2B-services local companies would like to acquire in Mäntsälä, instead of other municipal areas and where these companies search information about new services when they found a need of a new service.

Answers to these presented questions have been sought with two different research methods. The first one was internet survey questionnaire, which was send to small and medium sized companies to answer in Mäntsälä. Also as a complementary material this thesis includes three theme interviews, in which companies in Mäntsälä region have taken part.

In the results of this business buyer behaviour research it is seen how small and medium sized companies in Mäntsälä region use of B2B-services are widespread in most situations. These services are acquired in both Mäntsälä region and from other municipal areas. Majority of companies are satisfied in the services they use. Factors affecting buying decision were most commonly price related factors, but also locality and partnership factors rise from the results of this thesis. Another clear conclusion of this thesis was an observation about companies acquiring most of their devices and repair services from other municipal areas than Mäntsälä. When finding information about new service, the most common way to gather information is by internet. Another ways of gathering information of new services are mentioned to be company registers maintained by Mäntsälän Yrityskehitys Oy and Mäntsälän Nuorkauppakamari. References and recommendations from another entrepreneurs were also a major way to gather information about new services.

The goal of this assignment was to produce new information on Mäntsälä regions small and medium sized companies for the use of Mäntsälän Yrityskehitys Oy. With this new information Mäntsälän Yrityskehitys Oy can serve local companies better. This thesis also give local entrepreneurs valuable information about their business environment and of the way other local companies are buying their B2B-services.

Link: http://publications.theseus.fi/browse?type=author&value=Nordstr%C3%B6m%2C+Patrick