A reason to invest in Mäntsälä: data communication connections for business

Superfast optical fiber access is available in all Mäntsälä business parks

These fast and effective Internet connections are one of the most important resources of a modern enterprise, enabling use of the very latest cloud-based business enhancement services such as Office 365, Exchange, OneDrive for business, online backup and Dropbox.

Availability map of the fiber optic network
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An opportunity for businesses supplying digital services

A rapid, fixed optical fiber link with symmetrical duplex capacity when required also enables an enterprise to supply its own advanced digital services, for example in the form of remote support and maintenance. This also provides the capacity for online training and consulting services such as webinars, podcasts and streaming.

Digital business demands top-notch communications

  • speed
  • reliability
  • adequate bandwidth for both incoming and outgoing data traffic
  • no disruption
  • rapid response times
  • flexibly enlargeable capacity
  • flexible and personal service from Nivos, the broadband operator

Mäntsälä can always meet your communication capacity needs, even when your business operates its own data center.

Benefits for managing e-commerce

Your webshop management can be linked to a payment or stock control system in real time.


Various security services such as CCTV can be enhanced using a fiber optic interface.

Benefits from cloud-based financial administration

Cloud-based financial administration is an increasingly attractive option. These services benefit from high quality uninterrupted data communications access. A fiber optic link is the most effective, reliable and trouble-free way of moving financial administration services onto the cloud.

Continuous and dependable communications

Optical fiber is the most reliable technology for online access. It is not affected by lightning or other weather conditions, and avoids the associated damage to computer systems that are typical when using modems or ADSL cables.

Faster and more reliable maintenance of workstations and hardware

Workstation maintenance measures such as updates to the Windows operating system and anti-virus software are rapidly installed in a fraction of the time required when using slower broadband services. Remote support and servicing function smoothly and save your time.

Streamlining daily business routines

The smooth flow of daily routines will be the most important benefit of all. With e-mail and instant messages reaching your machine at the speed of light, there will be no need to wait for a slow connection to complete any operation, and valuable working time will be saved.

Videoconferencing, telecommuting and remote use of computer hardware and other devices are effortless when your business uses a fiber optic broadband service.

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