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Mäntsälä - The Crossroads of Southern Finland

Are you looking for a space, available plot, or help to establish your company in a logistically optimized location in Southern Finland? Mäntsälä Development Agency helps you to boost your business!

Mäntsälä - The Crossroads of Southern Finland

Our mission is to help companies to locate in Mäntsälä, an excellent location in Southern Finland less than 60 kilometres from Helsinki close to the railways, harbor, and the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. By helping the companies to locate in Mäntsälä and providing business services to those already in Mäntsälä, we develop the local economy.

We sell and market commercial plots owned by the Municipality of Mäntsälä. Try our plot calculator which is available in English. Mäntsälä Development Agency maintains a database of available private business premises as well as local companies.

Mäntsälä is perfectly located for Tokmanni, as it’s logistically so central in terms of our network of stores.

Harri Koponen, director, store network and concept, Tokmanni Group Oyj

Mäntsälä Development Agency services 

We at the Mäntsälä Development Agency provide advice to those planning to establish a business and we are also involved in developing existing enterprises.

We recommend that you contact our experts as soon as you start to plan business premises. We quarantee an absolute confidentiality in handling all inquiries and negotiations until the decision to locate is made and is ready to be published. We have a solid track record of implementing large placement projects. We will also happily give you good tips about Mäntsälä

Mäntsälä Development Agency is owned by the Municipality of Mäntsälä (70%) and the energy company Nivos Oy (30%).

Contact us about energy solutions. We can also assist in various infrastructure projects.

 Get in touch when you are thinking about Mäntsälä. Tel. +358 40 176 8712

Distances from Mäntsälä to the airport and harbors and the nearest important cities as an illustration.

Quickly to Mäntsälä!

  • Excellent location.
  • Inexpensive commercial plots close to the motorway.
  • Less than 60 kilometres from Helsinki.
  • 40 minutes by car from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport and harbor of Vuosaari.

Plots and premises for business needs

There are several industrial areas, premises, and plots in Mäntsälä suitable for various business needs. In our service, you can search for premises and browse plot options and leave an advert about a plot or premises. Mäntsälä has all that’s needed for successful business operations: competitive plot prices, excellent transportation links, versatile services to support the growth of your company, and 2 million people within an hour's radius which helps when you need employees, customers, and networking.

Read more about our industrial parks Kapuli, Liljendal, Linnala, and Mäntsälä railway station area. We just might have a suitable place for your company!

Why Mäntsälä?

Tokmanni Group, Finland’s leading variety discount retailer with app. 200 stores, has already chosen Mäntsälä as the location for its head office and logistics center. Ball Beverage Packaging Mäntsälä Oy can production started in Mäntsälä in January 2013. The Belgian polyurethane specialist Recticel launched manufacturing operations and the Finnish furniture company Masku opened a logistics centre in 2019.

When it comes to energy, internet, and water, Nivos links together products and services that allow its customers to enjoy their everyday life and focus on what really matters.