- The Crossroads of Southern Finland

Finland places first in the Covid Economic Recovery Index (CERI)

A global study of 122 countries ranks countries on their ability to both absorb the pandemic’s economic impact and emerge strongly once out the other side. Research countries have been evaluated in three areas -Absorptive Capacity, Economic Agility, and Health Resilience.

Although now things are still tough, in the eyes of foreign-owned companies, Finland seems to be a good place to be even in the middle of the global recession. Swift government action including a lockdown, strict border controls, and quickly developed and implemented trace app “Corona Flash” are some reason’s country is navigating the pandemic okay. Social capital and social resilience, strong financial systems, manageable debt levels, and the country’s healthcare system are also core strengths that together with high vaccine confidence will help in the recovery process.

Strong human capital is a well-known pull factor of Finland

High skill levels and education system will assist Finland to manage the impact of this pandemic. This is also reflected in the report of World Economic Forum, where they gave Finland the highest score for “updating the education curricula and expanding investment in the skills needed for the jobs and ‘markets of tomorrow’”. High digital skills and digital expertise of Finn’s also affect positively.

“A solid digital infrastructure is of course crucial, but what sets Finland apart from other countries is the Finnish work culture –management empowers the employees to take responsibility and show great self-leadership.” says director of Invest in Finland Antti Aumo.

As an investment place Finland is successful on same reasons as before pandemic, we have a reputation as a safe, resilient country for investment.

Source: https://investmentmonitor.ai/finland/how-finlands-pandemic-response-is-securing-new-investment-opportunities